Essential Oil Cases and Oils for Travel

Essential Oil Cases and Oils for Travel

I recently took a vacation with my family, though a vacation for our family doesn’t necessarily mean that mom gets a vacation. We had a bout with sickness and (of course) some bumps and bruises on the trip. Being sick at home is one thing, but being sick on vacation is the pits! I had all of my specially selected travel essential oils with me in my virtually indestructible essential oil case. What essential oils did I bring on our vacation? I am so glad you asked! 🙂

Sleep Oils

I always bring lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil and cedarwood essential oil with me to help everyone get a more restful sleep. My kids especially have a difficult time falling asleep in new surroundings and so having this sleep trio with me (which I make sure to pack in my essential oils case for safe keeping) is a must. Occasionally, I pack ylang ylang too if I know there will be a lot of excitement for the kids in the evening to give an extra boost to my sleepy time essential oils.

Digestion Oils

I got food poisoning during our recent trip and let me tell you, it was not my idea of a good time! My husband took good care of me and we were glad that I had packed our peppermint and fennel essential oil to help with ease all of the digestive discomfort that comes with food poisoning. We were also very glad that we had packed them in our sturdy travel essential oil case because it fell out of the van as we were packing to go home and all the oils were unbroken and very happy. 🙂

Skin Oils

I love frankincense essential oil for all the bumps and scrapes that my kids get. It is all natural and effective at promoting healing at the cellular level in the body. The same can be said of lavender essential oil. I also bring melaleuca essential oil (otherwise known as tea tree) for its powerful disinfectant capabilities. My kids are so familiar with our essential oil skin and wound care regimen that sometimes they go and get them before they find me! I make sure to keep our most used oils in our handy essential oil case so that they can get them and so that I know that they won’t break if they accidentally drop the case. I love our travel essential oil case. That case has probably saved me hundreds of dollars in essential oils that didn’t break from being dropped in travel or just around the house with kids!

Immune System Oils

There are some oils that naturally can naturally promote your immune system when you need it the most. I make sure to put in our travel case some clove essential oil along with lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, and eucalyptus. These oils always go into my case first because I don’t want to forget them. I sometimes make a roller bottle with them for ease of use and application in places like airplanes, buses, subways and entertainment venues like movie theaters.

All of the oils listed above are natural powerhouses and should be protected when traveling in a strong, virtually indestructible essential oil case.

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  • We have recently purchased 2 of your diffusers. You talk about the essential oils you use and we are wondering if you can recommend a company where we can purchase them.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Cecilia Green |
  • Hi there, we personally use and recommend dōTERRA essential oils. You can order them here:

    Charity |

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