Essential Oil Recipes, Blends & Projects to Get Ready for Thanksgiving

Essential Oil Recipes, Blends & Projects to Get Ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here next Thursday!

This is one of our favorite holidays in the humble Aroma Outfitters home. Family gathers together, everyone eats (way too much) good food, and we all get the opportunity to reconnect with the people we love.

In this post I’d like to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving-themed essential oil DIY projects that’s absolutely perfect if you’re hosting dinner this year. I’ll also share a few that double as amazing, travel-ready gifts if you’re attending Thanksgiving at someone else’s home. (And who doesn’t want to be the star of the show by bringing a unique essential oil gift?)

I’ll also touch on a few seasonally themed diffuser blends that will fill your home with cozy and inviting aromas. I don’t know about you, but essential oils are one of the things I’ll be giving thanks for this year!

Let’s get on with the gratitude:

Keep Everyone Clean & Impress With This Essential Oil Infused Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap

This is one of my favorite essential oil DIY recipes and there’s really no better time of year to make it than the Thanksgiving season.

I admit it, I’m a pumpkin spice fan—I’ve literally had dreams about the stuff. Unfortunately, most of the store-bought products that feature it are pretty much filled with synthetics and chemicals to achieve the beloved aroma, and that doesn’t sit right with me. Essential oils to the rescue!

What better way to sanitize the hungry hands of both young and old than with a pumpkin spice essential oil hand soap? It works great and smells divine.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A hand soap dispenser. This recipe calls for an 8 ounce foaming bottle but you can adjust the amounts below to fit yours (e.g., if you have a 4 ounce just halve everything).
  • ⅓ cup organic, unscented castile soap. I use this one, only buy organic.
  • ⅔ cup distilled water. Filtered is fine if you don’t have distilled water. The purpose of distilled is so that the soap lasts longer. If you plan on everyone probably using up the soap before Thanksgiving is over, filtered is completely fine.
  • 12 drops vanilla essential oil. Yes, vanilla is actually the heavy lifter in pumpkin spice aromas! The real magic begins when you add the rest.
  • 5 drops cinnamon essential oil. Getting closer…
  • 3 drops clove essential oil. Now we’re talking.
  • 3 drops cardamom essential oil. Almost perfect.
  • 2 drops nutmeg essential oil. Don’t skip the nutmeg, because this is what’s really going to give off those “pumpkin vibes.” I’ve tried this recipe without it and you can tell a difference.

The best part about this recipe is that once you’ve got all of your ingredients laid out, you can mix everything right in the hand soap dispenser! Mixing separately is a waste of time and can get pretty messy.

Add the castile soap first, then the essential oils. Swirl things around a bit (I just use the soap pump straw), then add the distilled or filtered water. Close the cap and shake it around gently. Once everything looks satisfactorily mixed, all you have to do is pump and enjoy.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Guests or Hosts

Whether you want to prepare gifts for your guests or for the host or hostess of the family you’re visiting for Thanksgiving, these crowd-pleasers are sure to earn you some gratitude this year.

(If you’re traveling with essential oils for Thanksgiving, be sure to pick up a travel case and read our definitive guide to traveling with essential oils).

Thanksgiving Spicy Vanilla Citrus room freshener recipeSpicy Vanilla-Citrus Room Freshener

This first recipe is great for gifts because anyone can use it, even if they have pets or small children (and they safely store their essential oils away from small hands or paws, of course).

  • 4 ounce spray bottle
  • ⅓ cup water
  • 1 teaspoon alcohol (rubbing alcohol or vodka, this helps the spray dry faster)
  • 3 drops vanilla essential oil
  • 3 drops clove essential oil
  • 3 drops orange essential oil

Mix well and spray anywhere that needs a fall-themed freshening.

Homemade All Natural Essential Oil Infused Cleaning Wipes

You’re going to need these after Thanksgiving dinner. Trust me.

Like wet wipes but without the chemicals, these cleaning wipes aren’t as boring of a gift as they might sound like at first glance—they smell good and work incredibly well. If you’ve been trying to convert the recipient of this gift to the world of essential oils, a functional gift like this is a great way to catch their attention.

You’ll need:

  • 1 roll thick paper towels
  • A tall container, preferably glass
  • ¾ cup distilled water
  • ¼ cup white vinegar (this is where a lot of the cleaning “omph” comes from)
  • ½ tsp. unscented castile soap (don’t do more or the wipes will be all soapy)
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 10 drops tea tree essential oil

Place these ingredients into the container and begin separating the paper towels. To make things look nicer and, depending on the size of your container, you can fold the paper towels in half.

Pour the ingredients into the container and use a spoon or mixing stick to swirl them around. Be gentle, otherwise, the soap will begin to bubble. Wrap your paper towels into a half or full circle depending on the size of the container, place them inside, and close the lid.

The paper towels will absorb the solution. After an hour or so, you’ll find that they’re moist but not soggy, perfect for wiping down counters, tables, and just about anything else around the house.

Don’t have time to prepare any gifts but you don’t want to show up empty handed? Any of these essential oil products are fantastic choices.

Looking for more essential oil Thanksgiving gift ideas? Any of the custom diffuser blends below will make delightful gifts for family and friends who are also essential oil fans.

Giro Setting WhiteWarming Thanksgiving Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Isn’t it strange how we associate holidays with certain smells? It makes sense because as most people know our sense of smell is the one most strongly tied to memories. If you want to make some wonderful memories this year, the following Thanksgiving-themed diffuser recipes will do just the trick:

Pumpkin Pie Diffuser Blend:

  • 2 drop clove essential oil
  • 2 drop nutmeg essential oil
  • 3 drops cinnamon essential oil

Cozy Autumn Diffuser Blend:

  • 2 drops cedar essential oil
  • 2 drops cassia essential oil
  • 3 drops orange essential oil

Fall Leaves Diffuser Blend:

  • 1 drop ginger essential oil
  • 1 drop patchouli essential oil
  • 1 drop cedar essential oil
  • 3 drops sandalwood essential oil

(Don’t have a diffuser for these? You know we’ve got you covered.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at Aroma Outfitters, we’re incredibly grateful for one very important thing: you. A sincere thank-you to all of our supporters, customers, and new friends.


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