Essential Oils and the Holidays

Essential Oils and the Holidays

Essential oils are so easy to incorporate into the holidays! I love using essential oils to diffuse fun and spicy aromas during this time of year. Below are a few of the ways that my family uses them around the holidays.

Holiday Diffuser Recipe

They say that the sense of smell can usher in memories and that is certainly true of cinnamon essential oil for me. When I smell cinnamon in the diffuser or put a drop or two into a recipe, I think of snowy days, hot cocoa, and a warm fire in the fireplace. One of my favorite recipes for diffusing during the holidays is  4 drops of cinnamon, 2 drops of clove and 4 drops of orange.  The smell is amazing, my whole family loves it! Looking for a great diffuser? I like this one on Amazon.   

Re-odorizing Non-Toxic Room Spray DIYBasic Room Spray

I also like to make seasonal, non-toxic room spray. This spray can easily replace chemical sprays you may have in your bathroom, living room, pet areas, office and even garage. This is a very easy DIY project with essential oils. All you need in addition to your oils and water in a glass spray bottle or stainless steel spray bottle. (This stainless steel one on Amazon is super fun!)  I like to make a lemon and peppermint room spray. I use 10 drops of peppermint and 6 drops of lemon essential oil and then fill up the rest of the 6-8 oz spray bottle with water. If your spray bottle is larger just add a few more drops. Give the bottle a few good shakes before spraying each time.  🙂

Reinvent Your Lotion

During the winter months where I live, the air can get pretty dry. My family can go through quite a bit of lotion to help keep skin from cracking and getting chapped. We have reinvented our lotion regimen by adding a favorite essential oil to unscented lotion. (you can find organic, unscented lotion on Amazon) Here’s what we do: place however much lotion you need on your hand as normal. Then just add a single drop of essential oil to the lotion and “mix” it around with a finger before you rub the lotion where you need it (I like peppermint or lavender). It’s an easy and fun way to enjoy the beautiful aromas. Pairing a container of unscented lotion and essential oils is also a great gift idea.  

Cleaning up from the holidays can be a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be toxic anymore. I use lemon essential oil to clean up scuff marks on floors (a couple of drops on a rag and rub the scuff). I also use it to clean dishes; a couple of drops in the dishwasher with the detergent or a couple of drops in the dish water and presto! No water spots, plus it helps to disinfect everything too! Lemon is wonderful to use to clean counter tops, even granite, and other porous stone. It works hard to deep clean the pores in the stone and leaves a wonderful fresh lemon scent. The added bonus of using lemon essential oil to clean is that it promotes focus and clarity of thought so when I am done cleaning I am usually not feeling worn out but ready to go! 🙂

I hope you are inspired by some of these ideas. Have a wonderful holiday season. Comment below and tell me some of your holiday uses for essential oils. 

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