Must-Know Holiday Travel Tips for Essential Oil Users

Must-Know Holiday Travel Tips for Essential Oil Users

Traveling for the holidays can be a stressful affair if you’re not prepared.

As with almost everything, essential oils can make the process that much easier.

Instead of rushing everything at the last minute (don’t worry, we’ve all done it), put some thought into your travel plans this year before you set off for the holidays. A little planning can go a long way. You’ll sweat the details less and be able to enjoy the season with your family and friends—because that’s what this time of year is really all about!

In this post, I’ll discuss a variety of topics that will make your holiday travel plans seem much less daunting.

You’ll learn:

  • How to take essential oils with you, even if you’re traveling by airplane
  • How to protect your essential oils for your entire trip
  • Why bringing your diffuser is perfectly OK
  • Ideas for the best travel-safe DIY essential oil gifts

Are you ready to have the smoother holiday travel experience?

Let’s get started:

Yes, You Can Take Your Essential Oils on an Airplane

Good news. If you’re planning on traveling by flight this year, you can take your essential oils along with you… as long as you follow a few guidelines. It’s actually not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

I wrote an entire post about this topic: Can You Travel With Essential Oils? YES – Read Our Definitive Guide.

If you’re traveling by plane this year for the holidays, I highly recommend giving it a read.

keep essential oils safe during travelProtect Your Essential Oils During Your Trip

Pretty much regardless of your mode of transportation—airplane, car, train, reindeer-powered sleigh—you’re going to want to keep your essential oils safe. If you’re a member of the free Aroma Outfitters VIP club, you might remember the story I shared about how I once accidentally broke a full bottle of lavender oil in the trunk of the car.

(By the way, you can get stories like that and tons more by signing up for the newsletter. Put your name and email address into the form on the homepage, plus you’ll snag a nice 10% discount off your next order and tons of other great stuff.)

Anyway, the point is, you gotta protect those little suckers. If you haven’t already, pick up one of our 16 bottle carrying cases or our fantastic essential oil purse. Remember to always pack your essential oils on top of everything else, even if they’re in a well padded case. Luggage can shift and move around and you don’t want them to get crushed by something heavy.

Who Says You Can’t Bring a Diffuser?

As regular readers know, I’m a big time diffuser fan. We have at least three in our house. I love using it to help me sleep, make the living room smell good, and to help me focus in the office. While I’m hoping to get a day or two off this year for the holidays (fingers crossed!), that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop diffusing.

If you travel, you definitely don’t have to leave your diffuser at home. Larger diffusers can be a little unwieldy to pack, but our 50ml Hero essential oil diffuser is just the right size to get tucked away in your luggage.

holiday travel with essential oilsPrepare Your DIY Gifts Before You Leave

Remember that if you’re flying this year, you’re a bit more restricted on the sizes of liquid items that you can bring along. I go into detail about the requirements in the post I mentioned above, but the most important thing to remember is that you can only bring liquid items that are 3.4 ounces or less. That’s about 100 ML, so your 5 or 15 ML essential oil bottles are just fine… things get tricky when we start talking about DIY recipes.

If you’re flying, avoid making lotions, body butters, or other “liquidy” DIY gifts for your family and friends unless you can fit them into 3.4 ounce containers.

Of course, if you’re not flying, there’s nothing to worry about!

I’ve been sharing a bunch of great holiday recipes lately, so be sure to check some of them out before you go if you want to add that nice personal touch to your gift-giving this year:

After your DIY gifts are prepared, try storing them inside a hard container. A plastic tub or sturdy cardboard box would work well, and remember to place it on top of the rest of your travel items with the rest of your essential oils.

Travel Safely This Holiday Season

On behalf of everyone at Aroma Outfitters, I’d like to wish you a very joyous and safe holiday season. Travel safely!

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