The Most Passionate Essential Oils for Valentine’s Day (Plus SECRET BONUS!)

The Most Passionate Essential Oils for Valentine’s Day (Plus SECRET BONUS!)

It’s almost February 14th, so you know what that means…

Romance is in the air and Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Or maybe it’s just the perfect time to treat yourself to a nice day.

Whatever your plans are this year, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite essential oils for romance, passion, and pampering yourself.

You’re especially going to love my “love potion” diffuser blends.

If you’ve been eyeing anything in the Aroma Outfitters shop, stick around because I’m going to share with you not one but TWO amazing deals on some of our premium essential oil storage solutions.

I can’t offer these kinds of steep discounts all the time, so keep in mind that these offers are just for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s get started by answering the question we’re all wondering about…

Can Essential Oils Really Act as an Aphrodisiac?

Essential oils can most definitely be used to set a romantic mood and heighten the experience you share with your partner.

For example, Ylang Ylang—the primary ingredient in the lovely massage oil recipe detailed later in this post—has long been known to lift mood and invigorate one’s spirit. These feelings can support feelings of calmness and confidence.

In fact, it’s an old Indian tradition to sprinkle ylang ylang on the bed for the wedding night of a young couple. But you don’t have to put it on your bedsheets: ylang ylang even by itself is a fantastic oil for your diffuser.

Applied topically, cypress essential oil can support a healthy circulatory system and help you relax.

Clary sage has a gentle herbal scent that soothes away tension, helping you to forget about the day-to-day concerns of work and family life and instead focus on your partner.

These are just a few essential oils that can inspire romance—because really, the key to sharing an unforgettably intimate experience with your partner is to feel relaxed and confident. Look through your collection to see which oils you have that promote these feelings and have an aroma you enjoy. Essential oils are so diverse that there’s sure to be something that “does the trick” for everyone!

Speaking Of Your Essential Oil Collection…

I’d like to share with you the first of our special, limited-time-only Valentine’s Day offers.

If you act now, you can pick up one of our new (and completely amazing) two-layer essential oil storage boxes.

Just take a look at this beauty:

2 layer essential oil box

This dual tier New Zealand pine wood storage box holds a whopping 147 bottles, including rollers. We’ve dubbed this box the “Mercedes of oil boxes” because it’s so classy and you’ll have access to your entire collection fast.

Oh, and we also throw in high quality foam padding for extra protection and a set of our essential oil labels. How’s that for a V-Day bargain?!

You’ve got to be quick though—these boxes sell out fast, especially around this time of year.

romantic essential oil diffuser blends for valentine's dayMake This Valentine’s Day Extra Special With These “Love Potion” Diffuser Recipes

Set the mood this V-Day with one of these passionate diffuser blends. Diffuse throughout the house or in the bedroom. Relax, dim the lights, and enjoy!

Simple & Sweet

  • 5 drops rose
  • 3 drops ylang ylang

Exotic Passion

  • 4 drops jasmine
  • 4 drops geranium

Relaxed Romance

  • 2 drops clary sage
  • 2 drops cypress
  • 2 drops vanilla
  • 2 drops wild orange

Mood-Setting Ylang Ylang Massage Oil Recipe

As I mentioned earlier, ylang ylang has been used for centuries as a powerful way to support mood and boost your most romantic feelings.

It’s even better when you use it as a topically-applied massage oil! While you can simply pair ylang ylang by itself with your favorite carrier oil for a quick recipe, I like to get a little fancy with it and add a few other oils:

  • 15 drops ylang ylang
  • 5 drops sandalwood (or cypress if preferred)
  • 2 drops black papper
  • 3 drops ginger
  • 15ml of your favorite carrier oil (coconut or jojoba are both great)
  • Mix well

Quick tip: after preparation, put this recipe into its own glass essential oil bottle and gently warm it in hot water. It’ll feel amazing when it touches your skin!

The Perfect Opportunity For a Great Galentine’s Day Gift!

You do celebrate Galentine’s Day, right? It’s the perfect way to give your girlfriends a little reminder that you appreciate their friendship.

We’ve got a really great offer for your and your best gal. Why not get a pair of our essential oil travel cases—one for you and your gal:

essential oil cases

You and your Galentine’s Day bestie will love it. And with an ultra-low price tag, you really can’t go wrong with this limited time offer!

Wishing You a Wonderful V-Day

From everyone at Aroma Outfitters, we hope you have a fun (and red-hot!) Valentine’s Day this year. We’d love to hear more about how you use your essential oils for this romantic occasion… why not let us know on Facebook?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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