Can Essential Oils Improve Your Workout Routine?

Can Essential Oils Improve Your Workout Routine?

Just when you think you know all the different ways to use essential oils and how to benefit from them, something new and exciting comes up.

Sure, you know that essential oils can support your immune system, help ward off sugar cravings, and uplift your emotional wellbeing

But did you know that certain essential oils can help improve your workout routine?

The best news is that most of the important essential oils for exercise are probably already in your collection.

The notion that essential oils are good in the gym shouldn’t really come as a surprise. So many of us “oilers” started our journeys looking for ways to improve our health and reduce our reliance on chemical-laden store bought products. You’re already using essential oils to protect and improve your body and mind, so of course they can work wonders for your workouts too!

In an Era of Limited Time…

What’s your most common excuse for skipping the gym?

I bet it’s something along the lines of “I didn’t have time this week,” because that’s usually my excuse too.

Or at least it was, until I started using essential oils. Bringing together my passion (essential oils) with something that wasn’t so much of a passion (hitting the gym) made the whole process more interesting and exciting.

My workouts also began to feel more fulfilling and productive, because with the help of essential oils I knew I was really getting the most out of my workouts. And I think that’s the biggest part of staying motivated in the gym—or even just finding the gumption to take a brisk walk around your neighborhood—knowing that what you’re doing matters.

Let’s take a look at something simple-yet-powerful you can try during your next workout:

using essential oils in the gymBefore Your Workout: Boost Your Energy Levels With Tea Tree Essential Oil

I swear I’ve developed some kind of Pavlovian response to tea tree oil.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the time the hardest part of working out is starting your workout?

Once you’re actually doing your exercises, it doesn’t seem so bad. “Why did I put this off?” you think. “It’s not so bad.”

The trouble is getting yourself to that state of mind, and I’ve found that tea tree essential oil is just the little “boost” that I need to get there. Diffuse it in the car on your way to the gym for a quick mental pick-me-up and a noticeable improvement in your energy levels.

I also find that a discreet way to enjoy tea tree essential oil (or any other energy-boosting oil, like peppermint) is to use a wearable diffuser. You’ll be able to enjoy the aroma of the oil, but it won’t be so powerful as to be detectable by other people in the gym.

During Your Workout: Tea Tree (Again) & Citronella Essential Oil

Here’s another way to put your tea tree essential oil to work: fill a 4oz glass spray bottle with distilled water, a tablespoon of vodka or witch hazel, and about 20 drops of tea tree oil. This solution will help kill germs on workout equipment—spritz it on the machine and wipe it down with a disposable paper towel.

During your workout, you can enjoy the topical benefits of citronella essential oil. When applied it has a property called thermogenesis, which basically means that it makes you feel warmer. Feeling heat during a workout will make it more effective. You can make a diluted massage oil with the recipe described below:

After Your Workout: Eucalyptus Essential Oil Massage

Eucalyptus essential oil is a wonderful way to soothe sore muscles after a workout. You can gently massage it into your arms and legs immediately after your workout if you’re really feeling the burn, but sometimes I prefer to use it the day after I go to the gym because that’s when I tend to feel the most sore.

It’s easy to make a simple eucalyptus massage oil in just a few minutes. Use one of your old essential oil bottles and fill it with an ounce of your preferred carrier oil. I prefer coconut oil for massage recipes. Then add 10-12 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and you’re ready to go.

After applying your massage oil, kick on your diffuser with a few drops of lavender to help fully calm your body and mind.

improve exercise with essential oilsCan I Use Essential Oils in the Gym?

If you plan on using essential oils at your gym, you’ll most likely be fine—but just to be sure, ask a manager or employee at the gym. For example, some gyms may request that you only use sanitary wipes or machine cleaning solutions that they provide. However, there’s nothing stopping you from using essential oils at home before or after your workout!

Are Essential Oils Safe for Workouts?

In most cases, when used appropriately and you don’t have any allergies, yes. However, whenever using an essential oil internally or topically, take extra caution. If you’re using essential oils in a massage oil, apply a tiny amount of the essential oil to your skin beforehand to make sure you don’t have a negative reaction.

What Essential Oils Are Good for Exercise?

Some great essential oils to enhance your workout are:

  • Tea tree
  • Citronella
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender

Use Essential Oils to Stay Motivated in the Gym

Did you know that March tends to be when gyms experience the greatest loss of customers?

It’s because all those well intentioned folks with new year’s resolutions who signed up in January finally decided to give up (until next year?).

Don’t let that be  you. Essential oils already help you in almost all of the other areas of your life, so give them the opportunity to “do their thing” in the gym as well.

Let me know if you try out some of the tips outlined in this post, and if you have your own creative ways of using essential oils during your workouts, I’d love to hear about it on Facebook.  

Hang in there!

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