My Essential Oil Adventure: From Novice to Expert (Part 2)

My Essential Oil Adventure: From Novice to Expert (Part 2)

If you read part 1 of this essential oil miniseries, you might recall that we ended on a bit of a cliffhanger…

In my early days of using essential oils, I wasn’t organized at all. As I had told you, my essential oils were more or less scattered around the house. One afternoon, I couldn’t find one of my essential oils and I was deathly afraid that one of my children had taken it and, heavens forbid, consumed it or gotten it in their eyes or who knows what…

When I arrived in the living room where the children were playing, I remember the most unimaginable wave of relief washing over me. They certainly looked fine. Nobody was puking up or gagging.

Still, I immediately ran to them and began questioning them about mommy’s little bottle of oil. Looking back, I probably freaked them out a bit. At this time my children were thankfully old enough to communicate that no, they hadn’t taken anything and that they had just been playing.

I believed them, but I still had to be sure.

Cue the next hour and a half of digging around the house.

I eventually found my lavender essential oil wedged between the back of the boxspring of our bed and the wall in the bedroom.

I was just a tiny bit relieved.

After this experience, I went around the house gathering the rest of my collection of essential oils and unceremoniously dumped them all into a big zipper baggie which I put on a high shelf in a cupboard.

It was a pretty ugly way to store my essential oils and it certainly didn’t give me much ease of access. This is when I decided I needed to get some kind of storage container.

(Pro tip: zip lock bags are probably one of the worst ways to store your essential oils. Trust me, it’s a mess.)

I shopped around and tried a few different essential oil storage containers, but none of them really did the trick for me. Too big, too small, not durable enough, too many cheap materials, etc.

I thought to myself, “I could probably just make something better.”

And thus Aroma Outfitters was born.

The Process of Creating Something Better

2 layer essential oil storage boxNot to brag, but I did make something better. I am so, so very proud of the beautiful wooden storage cases we offer.

At first we only had one, but now we have cases with bottle capacities for nearly any size of collection. We have travel cases and starter kits. I didn’t like what was on the market, so I made my own, and now I have the privilege of sharing these creations with you.

I want you to get one because I want you to love these cases just as much as I do. I want you to avoid the feelings of panic I had when I was looking for an essential oil that one of my little ones may have unknowingly taken. I want you to stop using junk like plastic baggies.

After I had the perfect storage case, it provided a benefit for me that I never thought it would. It changed my life and the health of the family forever…

I’ll tell you what it is in part 3.

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