Spring Cleaning Essential oils

Spring Cleaning Essential oils

Spring cleaning time is just around the corner! I’ll never forget when our son was around 18 months old, we had just moved into a different house. We had been in our new home for just a few days and I didn’t have child locks on the cabinet doors yet. I was getting ready in the morning in our master bathroom and I turned around just in time to see my 18-month-old with a can of comet in his hands. We used to keep bathroom cleaners under the sink in our bathroom for easy access for cleaning and since we didn’t have cabinet locks on yet, he grabbed the can and did what any curious toddler would do.

So after a call to poison control just in case, an adrenaline dump, and lots of water given to my toddler, I decided to put all the cleaners in a different spot and purchased cabinet locks for everything immediately.

So needless to say, when I was introduced to essential oils and DIY natural cleaners, I was overjoyed. Even though now my kids are a little older (and know better than to eat cleaners), I still feel much better knowing that if they do decide to put one of the cleaning bottles in their mouth, it’s perfectly safe and no call to poison control is needed!

A couple of tips I’ve learned using natural essential oil cleaning methods.

  • Baking soda is a great option for those situations when a more abrasive cleaner is preferred (soap scum, grease, etc.)
  • A little vinegar goes a long way!
  • Use Glass Spray bottles (the oils will degrade the plastic over time; I like the ones on Amazon, link here)
  • Essential oils and vinegar make a great fabric softener instead of using chemical based fabric softeners.

There are some great essential oils for cleaning (and did I mention they make your home, car, bathroom, etc. smell, oh, so good?)
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