Essential Oil Storage 101

Essential Oil Storage 101

With essential oils being readily available, chances are you’re bound to keep your favorite oils on hand throughout your home, car, gym bag, and elsewhere. When you take your oils with you, protecting them may not be foremost in your mind. Thankfully, the guidelines for storing your favorite essential oils are fairly simple. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to ensure that your essential oils stay at their peak potency.

Protect Your Oils from Heat and Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight and extreme heat over time can change the evaporation rate, chemical composition, and efficacy of essential oils. You will want to avoid keeping your oils in the car, near windows, or next to any heat source for extended periods of time. When hitting the pool during the summer months with my oils, I put them in the cooler with our snacks. In the kitchen, I use our wooden box to protect my oils from sunlight.

87 bottle essential oil wooden box by aroma outfitters


I frequently spice up cooking with essential oils for some delicious flavor. I am sure to mix in the drops with my drinks or meals instead of dropping oils directly into a hot saucepan or other heat sources.

Blends and Roller Bottles

I love making up some roller bottle blends. (Check out our Pinterest page for some inspiration). If you mix up some of your own blends, I recommend storing all oils in colored glass bottles. And what could be prettier than some blue, pink or green bottles? You can find some great deals on colored glass roller bottles on Amazon. Colored bottles help to protect the oils from ultraviolet light, and glass is best for storing essential oils.

blue glass roller bottles

Bags, Boxes and More

Forget Ziploc baggies! Be sure to transport your precious essential oils in the proper gear. Both our Aroma Outfitters boxes are geared to be able to protect oils while transporting them. I teach essential oils classes and always take my large 87 bottle box with me. It sits nicely in the floorboard of my van for transporting to classes. I also love this pouch for putting some oils in my purse. All our cases keep your bottles nicely organized and accessible while protecting them from things that could damage or break the glass.

Happy oiling!

Charity Sig



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