Why I Keep My Oils in the Kitchen

Why I Keep My Oils in the Kitchen

When I first starting using essential oils, I put the few oils that I had in a small dish in my kitchen. This turned out to be a major key in helping our family make the shift from turning to “traditional” remedies (e.g., store bought) to using essential oils for things that came up.

First off, the oils are right in view. Grabbing a drop of Lavender to promote feelings of calm or choosing oils to put in the diffuser is much easier when my oils are in plain sight. I’ve seen a lot of organizing options recently that put oils out of sight (hidden in a drawer or cupboard) Don’t hide your oils! You will be drawn to use them more when they are in plain sight. Also, when friends or family come over, it’s a great way to start conversations about the oils. I’ve had several guests who when they see my essential oils ask questions or sometimes even grab a bottle, crack it open and smell the wonderful aroma of the oils. It’s a great way for others to experience the powerful benefits of essential oils.

Essential oil box essential oil organizerHave you ever noticed that the kitchen is the “heart” of life in your home? When you have guests over, where does everyone tend to congregate? The kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart and hub of the home. Most of our daily lives revolve around activities in the kitchen.

This brings me to the second reason I keep my essential oils in the kitchen – Frequency of use. You will not gain any health benefits from essential oils if you are not using them! (I know, shocker, right?) It’s much easier to add a drop of lemon or wild orange to my glass of water when my oils are not far from the sink and water glasses. (Note: always use glass or stainless steel for oils and water for drinking). Being able to view my oils and choose which one I want to use is very easy when they are laid out and organized. It’s much easier to add a drop of lime to a smoothie when my oils are right in view and easy to find. When you are using your oils more often, you will gain greater health benefits! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten a text or call from a friend who told me about something going on with their body (or that of a family member) and I reminded them, they have an oil that can help. “Oh yeah” they say, “I forgot that (fill in the blank oil) can help with that issue.”

Most essential oil enthusiasts like myself, have invested in obtaining several essential oils to have on-hand and available to help their families. Essential oils cannot help you and your family if you are not using them!essential oil box and organizer

Tips to making using essential oils easy:

  1. Keep them organized and in 1 place as much as possible. I do have a few oils in the bathroom that I use strictly for skin care or perfume, but the majority of my oils are in a wooden storage case, organized and easy to find.
  2. Keep them visible! When something is out of sight, it is also out of mind. This is why I keep our essential oils in the kitchen where I see them multiple times a day and it’s easy to grab one to use.
  3. Keep them labeled and organized. I have my essential oils alphabetized and divided into two sections; oils and oil blends. I know some people who like to organize by oil type, (citrus, floral, herbal, etc). Whatever helps you find the oil you need when you need it; organize your oils by whichever way you find most helpful.
  4. Take them with you. When our family travels, I take our oils with us. Since I tend to teach classes when we travel as well, the organizer box makes transporting them super easy. (just close the lid and go).

Since I am passionate about essential oils and the benefits they provide, I am passionate about helping others find ways to make their oils easy to use and integrate into their lives on a daily basis. This is why I recommend keeping your essential oils in the hub and heart of your home, the kitchen!


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