The Hottest Summer Essential Oil Rollerball Blends

The Hottest Summer Essential Oil Rollerball Blends

Have you tried out rollerball bottles with your essential oils yet?

Here’s how it works: you fill a bottle with your essential oil blend as usual, but instead of a standard drip-style top, you have a roller ball. Next, you tilt the bottle to your skin and touch it with the ball. As you gently slide across the area you want to apply your essential oil, the ball rotates, automatically wetting itself with a small amount of essential oil.

Roller bottles are amazing for topically applying your essential oils, i.e., putting them directly on your skin.

This is—by far—the easiest way to apply essential oils to your skin. There’s no mess, spills, or waste. If you’ve ever tried to put essential oils, say, on the back of your neck (as is recommended in some of the recipes we’ll be looking at shortly), you know that without a roller it’s pretty difficult to do. You either have to dab some on your finger, which leads to waste, or do some serious contortions to drip just the right amount where you want it.

If you don’t have roller bottles yet, you need to get some… especially now that summer is here! Topically applied essential oil blends are useful year round, but some of the summer roller bottle recipes I’ll be sharing in this post really are must-haves. Rollers are dirt cheap too, so there’s no excuse not to upgrade.

Check out these absolutely gorgeous hand-polished gemstone roller bottles from the Aroma Outfitters store:

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Whatever your beliefs, these gemstone rollers are undeniably beautiful. The pack comes with 13 unique gemstone rollers, ranging in type from rose quartz to leopard jasper and amethyst. See them all here.

Now that you know why roller bottles are so fantastic, how to use them, and where to get them, let’s dig in to some really awesome summertime recipes!

We’ll start with one of the most useful roller bottle recipes for your essential oils. If you’re going outside, you’re going to want to keep this one with you:

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Bug Repellent Blend

A lot of essential oil users come to our community because they want to be more health-conscious. When you start paying attention to the products you use and how they might impact your body (and your family’s bodies), it really is an eye-opener.

Bug spray is really one of the worst offenders. Yes, those chemical concoctions definitely keep the bugs away, but who knows what they’re doing to you? Even before I started using essential oils the idea of bug spray always felt sort of creepy. It’s one of those intuitions you should probably listen to.

Problem is, bugs are still annoying—if you’re anything like me, you’re a prime target for mosquitoes, especially now that summer is in full swing.

Essential oils to the rescue!

This roller bottle bug repellent essential oil blend helps keep mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects away from you. It’s perfect whether you’re on a camping trip or just hanging out in your back yard.

Put the following essential oils in a 10ml roller bottle:

Eucalyptus (6 drops)

Geranium essential oil (4 drops)

Lavender essential oil (3 drops)

Lemon essential oil (2 drops)

Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil of your choice. I find that coconut oil works well for this blend. Apply to your neck, the back of your arms, your forearms, and your calves (even if you’re wearing pants—the little suckers can somehow still get up there). Reapply it after every few hours and you should be good to go, bug and chemical free.

Itch Relief Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend

So… you didn’t have the previous recipe on hand and the mosquitoes got you? Feeling sweaty and scratchy after some yard work?

You’ll want to keep this itch relief essential oil roller bottle blend on hand. In a 10ml bottle, blend the following oils:

Peppermint essential oil (2 drops)

Frankincense essential oil (2 drops)

Tea tree essential oil (1 drop)

Lemon essential oil (1 drop)

Then fill the rest of the roller bottle with a carrier oil of your choosing. Sweet almond oil or, again, fractionated coconut oil are great choices. Apply this recipe wherever you’re feeling itchy. The peppermint will cool and soothe your skin, and the tea tree essential oil has restorative properties that help soothe cracks and itches.

As a quick side note, this one works great for kids, especially when paired with a rollerball bottle. The roller makes applying your blends much easier to kids (who, as you probably know, tend to fidget… especially when scratchy).

Essential Oil Roller Bottle “Summer Breeze” Deodorizer Blend

Whenever you’re applying essential oils as a personal scent—like a perfume replacement—it’s a very individual process. Find what you love and what makes you feel great and wear it. Not only does it completely eliminate the need for expensive and chemical-laden perfumes, it’s organic, smells better, and offers the benefit of aromatherapy.

Having said that, the following roller bottle blend is one of my favorites. It’s so simple, too. All you need to blend in a 10ml roller bottle are the following oils:

Lavender essential oil (5 drops)

Spearmint essential oil (5 drops)

I strongly prefer coconut oil as the carrier for this one. The blend of lavender and spearmint is absolutely divine—not only do you get all the many, many benefits of lavender essential oil, you’ll smell like a fresh summer breeze. Apply this roller blend the same way you would perfume: to your inner wrists and, if you like, the nape of your neck.

Hiker’s Best Friend Blend for Essential Oil Roller Bottles

No matter how great your shoes are, hiking, running, or basically doing anything physically intensive outside during the summer can easily lead to tired, achy, swollen feet. This blend is the perfect way to soothe your feet after a hard day of work or play.

This is another simple one for a 10ml roller bottle:

Peppermint essential oil (5 drops)

Cypress essential oil (5 drops)

Dilute with a carrier oil of your choosing, such as jojoba oil.

The main active oil here is the cypress essential oil. Cypress, if you didn’t know, is a really amazing oil. Learn all about it in our post Everything You Need to Know About Cypress Essential Oil. The reason it works so great as a way to soothe tired, sore feet is mainly because it can help promote healthy circulation. The peppermint in this recipe isn’t strictly necessary for relief, but you really don’t want to skip it—the cooling properties feel fantastic, especially if you’re feeling a little overheated.

To apply, roll on to the bottom of your feet and rub it in well. Bonus points if you get your spouse to give you a full on foot rub while they’re at it!

Try a New Roller Bottle Blend This Summer – You’ll Be So Glad You Did

Remember, if you want to pick up a pack of elegant gemstone roller bottles, we currently do have them in stock. They’ll last a lifetime—the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about how to put your roller bottles to work. Summer is a great time to use essential oils. If you haven’t already, make sure to take a peek at our post Aroma Outfitters’ Favorite Summer Essential Oil Recipes.

Until next time!

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